Class Details

Ballet Lessons

At EnoDanse, we believe it is never too late to be a ballerina. So if you are 4, 18 or 60, Sweat, Sparkle & Dance with EnoDanse in the class of your choice!  Studio & Online Classes available!

For children

All our children ballet classes are taught in a fun & encouraging environment. The Pre-Primary, Grade 1 & Grade 2 classes follow the official syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance and allow children to take part in official examinations at the end of the school year in order to challenge themselves. Only if they wish to and if Miss Enora think they are ready!

Ballet Bébé & Parent
18 months +

These classes are full of fun, magic & sparkle and will enable young dancers to discover the wonderful world of ballet. The Ballet Bébé classes are a great way to bond and spend time dancing with your child!

Ballet Pre-Primary Rad
5 years +

These classes are perfect for kids who love all things ballet and can’t stop twirling. These classes also encourage the musicality and the confidence of the aspiring dancers.

Ballet Mini
3 years +

These classes are ideal for young kids who love twirling & glitter. This is a great class full of fun, magic & sparkle which will enable young dancers to discover the wonderful world of ballet.

Ballet Grade 1 Rad
7 years +

The grade 1 classes are ideal for kids who want to learn ballet.
No previous experience required! These classes will give them the opportunity to learn a set of exercises from the RAD.
Potential Start Date: April 2021

For adults

At EnoDanse we make sure our adults classes are fun and inclusive to everyone, so everyone can learn at their own pace, but in a fun environment. Ballet is a discipline, but we believe we can combine discipline & laugh. Join in the fun today!

Ballet Adult Beginners 18+

Perfect class if you have never done ballet and want to give it a go. It’s never too late to become a ballerina & learn how to pirouette!

Pointe Class Beginners 18+

This class is ideal for adults who have never done pointe shoes before and want to learn, this class is also good for those who have dusty pointe shoes in their drawers ready to be used again! Potential Start Date:September 2021

Ballet Adult Improvers 18+

Perfect class if you wish to perfect your ballet skills! Class also suitable for those going back into ballet after few years off!

Silver Swans 55+

This is the perfect class for anyone wishing to keep fit and active thanks to the great benefits of ballet! You can join in the fun at any age if you think this class is what you need!

Ballet Lessons & Events

One-to-one lessons
All ages & levels

Private lessons are available to help with your posture, technique, pirouettes, pointe work and exam Preparation … Studio and online lessons available!

Special events
All ages

If you are looking for entertainment for children parties or a Hen party! Look no further! Fun & props guaranteed!